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Trust Funds

We are most appreciative of the funding from Charitable Trusts.

                     Thank you to the following:-

The Jesse Spencer Trust 

 April 2011

Sir John Eastwood Foundation 

 May 2009

 July 2007

J. N. Derbyshire Trust 

 October 2007

The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust  

April 2009

January 2007

Lady Hind Trust

 December 2009

 December 2006

Linmardon Trust  

 November 2006

Thomas Farr Charitable Trust  

November 2011

April 2009

 April 2005

The Edith Murphy Foundation

 July 2002

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excess stock drinking water?

Sell them over a series of weekends at your friendly DIY store and raise over 4000!!

Market Stall at Newark Market

held throughout the year