Formed in 2002, we are a small but enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers who raise money to directly benefit the renal units at Nottingham City and Mansfield Kings Mill Hospitals, as well as support Kidney Research UK.

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The current Coronavirus pandemic has
impacted an all charities,
 and our Appeal is no exception.

We are still active however and
if you would like to support us
you can easily make on-line donations
via any of the
We have now raised 
our recent £80,000 
Appeal Target !
and we have now been able to
pay the final £20,000
to the Acute Kidney Injury Research Team
at Nottingham
Please note that the photo above has been digitally edited and that all 
involved had observed recommended social distancing guidelines.


PLEASE help us to keep it going

All money raised is divided equally to purchase essential medical equipment, and an equivalent sum given to Kidney Research UK to fund research to save lives

Would you like to join our Team 
and keep this Appeal going?
We need more help
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Questions & Answers with the 
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Our 2020 Golf Day
        that didn't happen 
         but made money
           for the Appeal
More Information 
Did YOU take part in the 2019 Games?

Watch the amazing 
Athlete's  Opening Parade
in Newcastle city centre

Can you spot yourself. 
your friends or family?

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On average, people on the transplant waiting list wait more than   2.5 years for a new kidney, because there aren’t enough kidneys available for transplant.

With funding from Kidney Research UK, Professor Mike Nicholson, Dr Sarah Hosgood and their team at the University of Cambridge have been able to develop a pioneering technique called ‘warm perfusion’. Here, the donor kidney is connected to a machine that flushes the organ with oxygenated blood before it is transplanted. This flushing process revives and repairs the kidney, helping to prime it to give it the best chance of transplant success. It also allows the health of the kidney to be tested. Perfusion could make many more donor kidneys available in the future.

Right now, the team are half way through their clinical trial of 400 patients at four transplant centres.

We hope to see warm perfusion being used across the UK within the next five years.


Please help fund even more amazing research, like the warm perfusion trials

All donations are equally shared between   Kidney Research UK and Notts Kidney Units’ Appeal

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2019 Golf Day Results
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Some of our Benefactors

Please check our Current Appeal page to find information about what we are doing now.-

the Appeal is firmly committed to local causes and requirements,

Whilst benefiting Kidney Research UK,

and supports

Nottingham City and Mansfield Kings Mill hospitals.

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We always welcome fresh ideas and new faces

if you have any comments or questions

please drop us a line at

The Nottinghamshire Kidney Units’ Appeal is a joint fundraising arrangement between Kidney Research UK and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Net proceeds will be shared equally between Kidney Research UK and the Trust. Funds raised will be used to support Kidney Research UK’s charitable  objects and the Trust’s purchase of specific medical equipment.

Kidney Research UK is a Registered Charity No. 252892 Scottish Charity No. SC039245